Monday, October 11, 2010

Constructive Feedback edits

A HUGE Thank you to all wonderful ladies who took the time to do this! You are all great!!!!

Here are the fixes:

                                                                                  Brittany Junghans Phoography

Bethany from Cartwheel Soup

                                                                                  Autumn Cutaia Photography

Heather from Life's little moments ~ I couldn't save it but you can go here to view~ Heathers Flickr

                                                                                          Shawna Summa Photography

                                                                                           Nicki from Smile Pretty 

                                                                                               Adrienne in Ohio

                                                                                     Chasing Dreams Photography

Friday, October 8, 2010

I Heart Faces ~ Constructive Feedback Friday

O.K. So here is our most recent family photo, while I love that were all in the photo and everyone is behaving and not making some terrible face or throwing a fit because mom told them to sit still for 5 seconds, I think it's missing something. Maybe the colors are off? Or are we all just too forward? All I could do was set the timer and RUN to the rest of the family before the photo was snapped. We did this about 15 times before the kids were restless and had enough, this is the best out of all of them. Maybe it's the angle? I totally forgot my tripod at home and had to make on using my small suitcase and makeup carrier! Anyways this is the photo that I want to use for our Christmas cards and when I printed it it looked super dark. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated:)


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