Thursday, February 25, 2010

Camera Strap

I attempted a camera strap. It was super easy! You just need to measure from end to end of your existing strap (I did just the cloth part, I wanted the leather ends to show) add a 1/2 in to that for seam allowance, and measure the width, adding 1/2 inch to that. Sew your ends under and then sew along the length, turn and press! It took a total of 10 min.
 I made mine with a contrasting fabric at the ends, I didn't measure that to give you an exact measurement, I just kinda eyed it! I got all the fabric cut to make 3 more. I was planning an assembly style sewing hour, but little man woke from his nap. Its kinda like those movies where there are kids doing something their not supposed to and the parent catches them, and they play that music... DuhnDuhnDuhn. Yea, thats what its like when he wakes and I'm doing something I can only do when he's sleeping. Anyways, when I get them done I will be doing my first giveaway!... I'm nearing my 100th post!
If you want some good How-to's:

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Opinions needed...

So... My sister is getting married in June. Everything is pretty much set and done! It's crazy that it seems like yesterday they had just got engaged.

So now she's getting her set list for the D.J. She's asked me my opinions and for some more thoughtful insight into more music. We've come up with some pretty good song choices. But we are torn on a few, and even the groom is confused.

So last night I said I was going to ask my blog friends and see what they think, or maybe you guys have other suggesions.

O.k. This is what is going down:

She has decided that during the diner hour she is going to play Classics like Frank Sinatra and Billy Holiday.
Serious dance music like Lady Gaga and Usher during the dance times.
This is where She'd like opinions:

Reception entrance song:

I got a feelin-  Black Eyed Peas
These are the Days-  10,000 Maniacs

First Dance:

You and I-  Michael Buble ( My personal Fave)
You are the Best thing- Ray LaMontagne

We were also trying to figure out:

 father daughter songs
A good song for the cake cut
Garter and bouquet toss (different songs for each)

And most important:

She wants something non-traditional for the walk down the isle, She's thinking about Clair de Lune by Debussy.

SO..... Opinions and any suggestions?

 And if you've never listened to Michael Buble, I highly recomend him, his voice melts you and he is quite the looker.
I want him to seranade me.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My little stud muffin

I saw this tie, complete with tutorial AND a free pattern download over at M&A. I thought, hmmm... P#3 needs a tie. You know, so he can look all cute and man-ish. The tutorial looked confusing when reading it, but once I sat down at my machine it was SUPER easy! And when I say SUPER EASY, I mean I had it done in 10 minutes, and it was really fun to make. So I went back to my stash to see what other kinds of boy looking fabrics I had and made 2 more!! I think this will get him through. Plus the Black one is big enough to fit P#1( Its really easy to alter the size to make it bigger), Just wish me luck trying to get him to put it on, if it doesn't have Nike or a sport theme something on it, HA! He doesn't wear it.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend in review

We spent our weekend being outdoors. It has been such a gorgeous here in Eastern Washington. Spring is definatley hanging in the air. The mornings are still alittle frosty, but once that sun comes up it is just fantastic! I'm SO ready for Spring to just get here, I want to start my garden. We did some prep work for it yesterday, mulching and spreading cow manure, pulling out all the dead stuff , pruning trees, and thining of the strawberry patch. OH I CAN'T WAIT!!! We took a 1 hour drive north to find this beautiful waterfall, I dont know why we've never gone here before, It truley looks to be something of a miracle. This should not be in the middle of the desert. Literally, driving for miles and miles of NOTHING but tumble weeds and old broken towns. Its quite amazing if you ask me.

And that is alot of pictures!! Sorry to bore you.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Robot shirt tutorial with template

And old stained shirt turned into something cute!Almost all of little mans shirts have stains on them, and its really annoying when you know he will just get them dirty over and over. I've done this with old onesies before. I made a tie one from Crap I've made,(I actually dont have a picture of it, maybe I should do that!) and one with P#3s initial on it.So get out those scraps and have fun!If your loooking for more ways to be resourceful, Disney from Ruffles and Stuff has a good post on what to do with girls clothes.

         Robot shirt

Supplys needed:
Sewing machine
Contrasting thread
Scraps of fabric
An old shirt
LW Fusible interface
Heat n Bond
Template (Below)

Cut out Template

Iron Heat n Bond to the back of your scraps

Turn shirt inside out and iron on interface where your robot will be. I just did a big piece right in the center.

Using your pattern pieces, cut out the shapes in your fabric choice.

Cut the center of the body on the pattern.

Lay out how you want it to look

Peel off the back of the Heat n Bond

Iron all your pieces down. Be sure this is where you want them cause its permanent!

Sew straight stitches around all of the robot pieces.


If you'd like you can make a belt, There are so many tutorials out there so I didn't do one. Here are a couple good ones: annies cupboard, sew mama sew, and one via craft gossip. Just measure your little guys waist and modify the tutes.

To download: right click on image,save picture as. You can print it out to whatever size you want. I did mine a standard 5x7 print.


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