Monday, February 1, 2010

Hair bow holder tutorial {kinda}

This morning as I'm getting P #2 ready for school, she wants me to put a pretty bow in her hair. I ask her to go pick it out and bring it out to me. She comes back empty handed:"I can't find the one I want". Well if you know miss P she is THEE most unorganized child EVER! So were searching through Barbies, jewelry boxes, shoes even, and I've had enough. She has 2 "hair boxes" 1 for clippies, and the other for hair bands. But she wont keep them in there. I decided to make her something cute that is at her eye level so she always(hopefully) knows where they are. There are many great tutorials out there for this sort of thing, HERE,HERE and HERE, but I thought I'd share how I made mine.

This is what it will look like After you've made it but before the clip are on. It took about 30 minutes and used whatever I had on hand.
What you need:
Frame in whatever size you feel is necessary
Ribbon, Ribbon and more ribbon
Embellishments if you want
Staple gun
spray paint
sanding paper
Start with a plain wood frame from the dollar store
Spray paint it in the color of your liking. I used Krylon in Watermelon.
(I ♥ this color)
Once dry give it a nice sanding all over
Turn right side down and begin stapling your ribbon on the top.Then pull ribbon tightly and staple at the bottom.
For the hanger I used a thin silky type of ribbon, made a bow on 1 side, left enough to hang with and tied a bow on the other side. I secured the bow with a hot glue gun and added a button over the knot.

Now cut off any excess ribbon, embellish how ever you like, and hang it up!
Don't forget to add your hair pretties
This was a brief one so if you have any questions just ask!!You can also find Tutorials on how to make Hair accessories here:


  1. I've been wanting to make one of these! Thanks for the tutorial!!!

  2. Such a cute way to hold the hair bows/clips! I love it! Good job!

  3. How pretty! You just gave me the perfect gift idea to make for my neice that's turning 5 this week...Thank You!!x

  4. I have two boys, so I never have hair bows. I do a little one on the way....unknown gender.

    You have a great blog, im following.

  5. Awesome! My daughter's bows are in a jumble on her dresser, I am so going to make this!

  6. Ack! A bow organizer is totally something that's been on my mind lately! My "miss P" has the same problem with her bows! Plus, they are just too cute to not be on display, you know?

  7. I really love this idea. I need to make one. thanks

  8. So cute! Love the colors you used. My girls are all grown up, darn it! I SO want to make one of these!

  9. BEAUTIFUL!!! i love it! i have three girls and this will be perfect!! thank you so much for sharing! :)

  10. This is really a cute way to organize all the clips and hair bows of my little angel. Thanks for sharing this tutorial! :)


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