Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mod Podge 3 frame how-to

My girlfriend bought one similar from a fundraiser through her daughters school, and I loved it! Only the fundraiser was far over and she also payed 20$ for it. So I went home looked through my stuff, and I had everything to make it, except for the frames, which I got at the dollar store. If you have everything on hand it makes a great addition or even a great gift.It can be personalized,and as fancy as you want or plain like mine. I want to do another for P#2's room, with flowers and pretty embellishments.

Here's what you need to make your own:
3 frames ( or more or less if you like)
Ribbon (I found mine at the thrift store, for 10 cents)Roughly about 2 yards
Mod Podge
Paint in whatever color you want the border of the frame to be. Or none at all
paint brushes; 1 for paint, a foam one for Mod Podge
Scrapbook paper of your choice
embellishments if you want
sander of some sort
glue or staple gun

First paint just the border and outside border of the frame. Its OK if its not perfect.I then dipped my paint brush in water and wiped all the way around. It help even out the paint and makes it alittle easier to sand later.
Let dry. Then take your sander( I used a sanding file, you can get these in the scrapbook department for sanding chipboard) and lightly go over the edges you just painted. There is no wrong or right way, I like mine to look completely imperfect.
Next, disassemble your frame and lay it right side down on top of your paper and trace the outside and inside if the frame part.
Cut it out. And for the outside, cut about 1/8" more.
I distressed my paper
I just took a brush and wiped the ink on. You can do this how ever you like:)
Put a heavy coat of Mod Podge all over the frame, except on the outer edges where you painted.
Apply your paper, and smooth out any bubbles.Do these steps on all 3.
Reassemble your frames and add your pictures. Then, upside down, line them up exactly how you want them. Mine were 1" apart.
Using your glue or staple gun, apply the ribbon starting at the bottom of one side. Work your way up, securing the ribbon at the top and bottom of each frame Once at the top, leave enough for it to hand, then continue down the other side.
It should look like this. Let the glue dry completely.Cut your ends that are hanging off
And Ta-Da! Your done!

If any of you make this I would love to see how yours turned out!


  1. Love, love love this. I posted the link on my not yet popular blog.

  2. Aren't you clever! This is agreat idea Christina...and you did a great job :) xx

  3. I love your blog, you have so many great projects to do. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  4. So Cute! THANKS for the tutorial! :)

  5. Now that is nice! It looks very Ballard Design the way you have it hanging on the Bistro sign. I have some frames from the thrift shop I haven't used, and LOTs of scrapbook paper, and of course Mod Podge...looks like I know what I will be doing with it! Thanks for the tutorial.


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