Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I heart faces~ smirk

While we were on our recent trip to the ocean I had my tripod out and we were taking family photos, I decided to jump in front of the camera for a test shot and the hubs was making me laugh, I was trying so hard to be serious! It came out smirky, but this is one self portrait I actually kinda like:) And I feel like I'm never in any photos because I'm always the one taking them, so this actually proves I was there!

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Monday, September 20, 2010


It's Monday, the start of a new week, and the end to a relaxing weekend.
Our weeks have been super busy. We have football 4 nights out of the week and then usually on Friday nights we make it to a High School football game, Saturdays we've been doing fun family stuff, usually ending the night with a college football game and Sundays we've been lazy and watching NFL. Yes, we love us some football in this house! P#1 is the starting QB and outside linebacker for his team. It's so much fun to watch him play! They are currently 3-1!!!

School is going great and I'm enjoying my days with P#3. Although it's a fight almost every morning with him and telling him he's not big enough to go to school.
P#3~ " I go sool mom?"
Mom~ " no honey, your not big enough"
P#3~ " ah, I big boy, I poop toilet"
Mom~ " yes you are a big boy, but not big enough for school"
P#3~ " I GO SOOL RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!" (that's him yelling at me)
Mom~ " maybe later"
P#3   "OK, bye mom"
Then its a hissy fit after the kids leave and he's stuck at home with me:(

Here's some pictures of a few games....

They had an awesome opportunity to play at a High School football game under the lights! It was just for fun to promote the league, but they had a blast!

This is a pretty bad picture, P#3 was playing with my camera and I hadn't realized he moved my setting around so this is what they all turned out like.

P#3 cheering for his big brother

another game... P#1 running in for the TD!

P#3 making a big tackle

And our lazy Sundays. P#2 has been doing great at reading lately. She usually get frustrated and gives up. But we found that if she reads to her brother she's alittle more patient. I think it's because he isn't correcting her:) P#1 LOVES to read. I really wish she shared this with him, but all kids are different.

So that's what we've all been doing. Lots and Lots of football! Hope to share some pics of my first craft project that I've made in forever! Maybe tomorrow if I have time. Happy Monday!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I heart faces~Vroom Vroom (or choochoo)

This weeks theme on I heart faces is Transportation. This was taken in Lancaster, PA. We were visiting the train museum and trying to find Thomas when this old train came pulling in. I found this conductor so interesting, his dirty clothes, the glasses, his gritty hands all tell a story of a hard working life.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Summer in Review~ 2010

The initial purpose of this blog was to give family and friends who live far away a fun place to go to see what our daily life is like. So I could post pictures of the kids where I can write a little something more than a caption under the photo and tell them what we were doing on a given day. It has since turned into something so much different. I realized that I liked talking to other moms and blogging about crafting.
Who doesn't like to get gratification on what they put so much hard work into?
Whether it be motherhood or the arts.
 I love keeping up with other moms and realizing that I'm not the only one who has difficulty on the subject of raising kids . Being a mom is the best reward, and the love of your children outweigh the hardships, but sometimes it gets hard. So it's nice to know you're not the only one out there.
 I love the crafting outlet that this blog allows me. You know you can spends hours, days, heck even weeks trying to finish a project and you show it to your husband and he looks at it for about 10 seconds and says, Looks great honey. Really? Are you sure you looked? I know I've been lacking in the department of posting crafty stuff. The truth is that I haven't really done anything. I know, its crazy. Our summer has been so busy that I can't find time to sit and do anything.But I am currently little by little working on a quilt for my sister. It's going to be super special and very meaningful. I will share when I'm done piecing the top.
 The last thing I love about blogging is photography. It's a long time passion of mine and I'm grateful to be able to talk and share with other people who share the love with me. I've learned alot and love the outlet that snapping pictures provides. I may not have been sewing, gluing or glittering, but I have been taking alot of pictures!
So now that school has started, and it's safe to say that summer is officially over (YAY!! I can't wait for fall!!!) I will wrap up with our summer in photo's. I have so many from all our journeys, and I didn't chose the best ones to share, but the ones that mean alot to me!!
This is what this weeks theme on I heart faces is!!

                                                      P #3 Learned to ride his tricycle.With lots of falling of coarse!~ June 1st

Our Garden grew lots of yummy veggies and fruit. I hate to say it, but I'm kinda glad it's over now ~June 2nd

Flying to my sisters. P #3 Waiting for our flight and loving the planes! ~June 4th

Longwood Gardens, PA~ June 6th

Rehearsal dinner for Carmen's wedding ~ June 10th

Carmen's Wedding ~ June 11th

Family BBQ ~ June 12th

Washington D.C. ~June 14th

Camping at Knoebles P.A. ~June 16th

Amusing ourselves at the amusement park. This was honestly the coolest place. I can't wait to take the kids back.

Rehoboth Beach, DE ~ June 18th. I was so bummed that my battery died in my camera and was only able to get a few shots while we were there. Beautiful beach, and it was hot!!!

Dust Devils Game~ June 27th

The hubs and I managed to sneak in a date!! We went to dinner and to see Eclipse~ June 31st

4th of July on the river

We had MANY MANY days of playing on the slip and slide. This picture just cracks me up!! ~July 15th

P #1's  9th Birthday~July 16th

Birthday party at the pool ~July 17th

Visiting great friends that I miss very much! ~July 25th

We took a long drive to Long Beach, WA. It was dreary and cold but SO much fun! ~July 30th

P#2 cut off all her hair and donated it. ~August 3rd

Water Park with Family who came to visit.~ August 18th

Playing at the local park with my niece (and nephew, but he was at the skate park) ~August 22nd

Football Started!!! ~August 30th

And the end of summer,Thus the begining of school

What has everyone been doing? I haven't really been keeping up on my blog reading either:( If you've posted something share a link and I'd love to see what you've been up to!


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