Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little Ol' Me

I am a stay at mom of 3. Wife to a high energy guy who reminds me of the kids. Sister and Friend. My family means everything to me:)
Bio on the Sweet P's:
P#1 is almost 10. Funny, handsome, athletic, smart,  loves animals, has read more books than me, and at times very emotional.
P#2 is 7. Silly, beautiful, crafty, hilarious, likes to talk about farting, hates to clean her room,and alot of the time very dramatic.
P#3 is 3. Goofy, super adorable, intense, and will wear you out by the end of the day. He loves to give hugs and kisses( I love it too). And is obsessed with superhero's and milk.

Random Facts about me:
- I love a challenge.
- I love coffee and chocolate.
- I don't have a favorite color, it changes everyday
- I like to argue, especially if I know I'm right.
- I'm a ridiculous neat freak.  
- I like things in odds rather than even, it's repetitive through everything I do. 
- I like to sing when no one can hear me.
- I turn really silly when I'm tired.
- I enjoy taking care of people and putting a smile on someones face.
- I'm notorious for not completing projects if I get frustrated with it. 
- I know all the words to Romeo and Juliet.
- I love the smell of rain.

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