Monday, January 4, 2010

Patchwork DS Organizer Tutorial

Items needed:
Scraps and/or fat quarters( I used half a tea towel and 4 fat quarters, w/ plenty left over)
3" of 1/4" elastic
Rope elastic or hair tie
sewing machine
matching thread
rotary cutter

You will need on piece of solid fabric for the outside and inside measuring 14"x9"
Now get out your scraps, or just cut some odd shapes out of cute printed fabric, you don't need a whole lot for this part.Sew them to the outside piece using this method.
It should turn out something like this:

Now for the inside.Fold main piece in half hamburger style,press so you know where your center is. Cut a pocket piece 8 1/2"x6". fold and press in 1/4" all the way around, then another 1/2" on the top,press.
Sew along the top only
find the center of the pocket and pin so you know where it is. Then from 1/2" from your center pin, tuck fabric under to center to create a pleat, repeat on other side. Pin pleats. Pin pocket to the bottom right of fabric, 1/2" from center marking.
Sew along the sides and bottom, be sure to back stitch at top. It should be big enough to fit the DS inside.
Cut a piece of your 1/4" elastic 3". Pin to fabric above the pocket. Sew at 3/8" all the way down.
Now for the other side. Cut 3 pockets 6 1/2"x 2 1/2. Turn and press 1/4" all the way around, then another 1/4" at the top. Sew top. Pin pockets to the right side of main fabric. 1/4" apart. Sew along sides and bottom. Backstitch top. Now run a long stitch all the way down the 3 pockets at
1 7/8" apart.

This pocket is optional, I wanted something for the earphones too.
Cut another pocket 9"x6". Do the exact same thing as you did with the big one. Pin then sew 1/4" up from small long pockets
Pin your elastic to the left side of your outer fabric, and sew the button on the right side at the same spot(you want the to match up once its folded)
Lay right sides together, sew 1/4" around the whole thing, leaving room for turning. Clip corners. Turn, then topstitch opening closed and finish around the whole thing.
And your done!! Hopefully now things wont be lost.
Inside: Outside:
If you have any questions or it just doesn't make sense, let me know!


  1. that is so super cute! I love how you turned the tutorial i did into a sewing kit. i might have to give that a try!!

  2. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I loved your tutorial so much that I made one for my niece's birthday. Here's my blog post about it:
    Thank you!

  3. Love this idea! Thanks....I hate the case I have, plus it doens't have game room in it either. Guess I know what I am gonna try and make! thanks thanks thanks!


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