Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just another tuesday night..

I made lemon bars for the first time last night. And OHH they were yummy! I was hoping to have some this morning, but no luck, the kids ate them all before I got to them.(I did get one!!) The recipe is really easy but only makes about 8 bars.
And we had spaghetti last night for dinner. This is P#3's favorite.......Can you tell?

Friday, October 23, 2009

A sweet boy and a Fun craft

Yes, I will admit, P#3 and I have stayed in our P.J.'s all day long. The weather is icky, its dark, gloomy and rainy. The best days for being lazy and watching good ol' Sesame Street, and sewing up a few fun crafts,all while eating nana's and drinking coffee.
I kept saying:"Say cheese..."
"Say cheese..."
"Say cheese..."
"P#3! Say cheese..."
O.k. Fine "Melmo", the red monster is way cooler than me,I get it!
But still super annoying when you ignore me!
But finally, he turns to look and with what looked like an eye roll, he says "CHEESE!" As if really saying,"Are you happy now?"
And I made these adorable bags for my 3 P's and niece and nephew for Halloween, filled with candy,hot wheels, play jewelry, Flarp(if you've never played with this, you must! It will keep you laughing for hours)trading cards, barbie clothes, hair pretties & dinosaurs.I got the fabulous idea here, and just modified it to how I wanted it.Hers were quite small, and to be honest,I didn't want to measure anything. Hers are way cuter though, but oh well. And despite that, I still think they're pretty darn cute! And they're also big enough to hold a bottle of wine, and I have an extra, so I'm thinking...
Now It's time for me to go and feel human, we have our Friday Family Date Night, and I can't go out in jammies.Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This is WAY cool...

So I found this totally awesome photo editing site called Picnik. I spent way to much time this morning playing with it. Me and mister P#3 have not been feeling well so when he took a nap, I decided to sit down and have a little fun. Here are some things I came up with.

A little vintage look... And this reminds me of my moms photos,probably my favorite.
And this was stinkin easy, and I love it!!

You can also just pick one thing to enhance, kinda freaky,huh?

Or make scrapbook page's

Or warholize your pics

Or if you want to go for a scary Halloween look, they have that too!!!

O.k. So off to do laundry, and maybe a few more pictures;)

Monday, October 12, 2009

P#2's Costume

I started the prep work of getting her costume ready, cutting the pattern and fabric. Then today I sewed it, I started this morning thinking it was going to be hard,but it was surprisingly easy. Only the fabric is THEE worst to sew on. 3 things that should be included in a warning label:
1) Its VERY slippery, so try as you might, its hard to keep a straight seam.
2) It frays like no other
3) You can't really press your seam that well cause believe me, it will melt.

Friday, October 9, 2009

what i've been up to....

Is it just me or are there flowers and ruffles on EVERYTHING? Not that I mind, I love them both, and what girl doesn't like to look pretty and feminine in ruffles or a flower?So I thought I would get my hands in the craze. I found this site that had a perfect little hat.Go check hers out! It was so easy and quick, I want more in a whole bunch of colors.I used an old knitted zip hoodie to make this one, and I didn't add the slouchy look to it like she did.But i still LOVE it!!

Another cute apron! I'm getting along on these Christmas gifts!! This is for my niece, I think we need more girls in the family(P#2 & ny neice might start to think I'm crazy!!)

And in our Christmas eve tradition in opening our gifts of P.j.'s and wearing them to bed and having cute, new, comfy jammies to wake up and open presents in, I'm making all them this year!Which means that the hubs better show up on the gift, no cherry anything this year,please.(I have about 4 pairs that he's gotten me over the years)So here's P#3's, for the shirt I was thinking a white t-shirt with DOG appliqued on it, or maybe just a small dog house, what do you think?
You have a boney butt!!( sorry, I had to. I ALWAYS heard that when I was little, and that what I think when I see this :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

another present done

I made an apron!! It's been awhile. And boy is it cute! This will be one of P#2's Christmas or Birthday gifts. I think it would be super cute with a set of play pots and pans to go with her kitchen I plan on making(if I could get my hands on an entertainment center, I emailed 3 different people on craigslist with no reply, and can I say that drives me nuts!! Why post something and not get back to someone who wants to buy it? And if its gone: DELETE IT!! thank you.)Anyways it was fun to make and I probably be making a couple more.

Look at the pretty sparkles on it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

A room fit for a princess

This weekend Paige's Grandma and Grandpa brought over her new antique dresser. I am SO in love with it you have no idea. She'll be lucky if it stays in her room:)
She also had her whole room done in none other than Hannah Montana(she came with silk and sequins and threw up in there). So we thought now that she has this new beautiful dresser, we should bring back in all her shabby stuff she had before(I'm glad she agreed!)

Her bed I found at an antique store a couple years ago, only cost 40$!! I made this coat rack out of her old dresser drawer,I just added an extra knob. Plus a little spray paint, scrapbook paper and Mod Podge.(free)

And here is the dresser, isn't she lovely? I found the mirror at Goodwill (as-is) for 4$.

Another view. I will be replacing the doggie knobs for pink crystal ones.

Her messy play area, she couldn't pick which pictures to put in there so they all went!!

And her little shelf that Grandma Niece brought over. Cute,right? The color is perfect, it has a friend too but I haven't found it a home yet.

Up close. I just shabbied up the edges and it is SO perfect.

I'm still not done, I will be scouring the thrift stores for a silver tray, a long pink doilie to go on the dresser,and some cute pictures.I am going to make her a valance for her window. And I am going to buy her a pretty round rug, found one at Target that is perfect, MAYBE a pretty chandelier( I just like the idea!!) and a set of silver hair brushes and mirror for her Birthday.Then I will be satisfied!


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