Friday, June 26, 2009


I made a bunch of key lime cupcakes for Cory's family reunion. They are sooo delishious!!I posted the recipe for everyone if they would like to make them. YUMMY!! Thanks Carmen for sharing it with me!

Key Lime Cupcakes


1 cup flour

¾ cup self rising flour

1 stick unsalted butter @ room temp

1 ¼ cup sugar

2 Lg. eggs

2 ½ tbs.fresh squeezed lime juice

1 tbs.finely grated lime peel

¼ tsp. neon green food coloring
¾ cup buttermilk


1 8 oz cream cheese @ room temp

1 1/2 cup powdered sugar

1 stick butter @ room temp

1 tbs. finely grated lime peel

1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

Pre-heat oven to 350', Line standard cupcake pan, or mini man w/ liners.
-In regular bowl add both flours together,blend.
--In lg. bowl beat butter til soft add sugar, beat in both eggs 1 at a time .Beat in next 3 ingredients.
Batter may look currdeled. Add some flour, then ½ buttermilk,more flour,remaining milk, then rest of flour.
Pour into pan, bake for 20 minutes for regular pan, 12-14 min for mini. Or until toothpick comes clean.
~TIP: to have this go alittle faster, prepare all items before you begin, e.g; grate lime peel, squeeze limes, and make sure to set butter and cream cheese out atleast 1 hour prior.

-In lg. bowl add all ingredients and mix until smooth,let cupcakes cool completely, then frost.

Monday, June 22, 2009

and we mde the news!!!

just thought i'd share.. kinda cool!


We had a good day yesterday, and the hubs had a good fathers day. We made him breakfast and lunch, went to an orchard and picked blueberries and cherries, then he made an awesome clam chowder for dinner.
The gift the kids and I made, their hand prints on a quilt, the picture doesn't do it justice.

Picking Rainier Cherries

P#3 had so much fun picking them, though he ate them before they made it to the basket!!


P#3 slipped on the kitchen floor after the kids were chasing him , nice little bump he got, and with P#1 as his older brother, I'm sure it wont be the last!!!(P#1 ALWAYS hit his head as a baby!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

new projects

I have been trying to keep myself busy, with all the chaos of Dr. appointments, P#3 being sick, school being out( it's hard to keep 3 kids entertained and out of eachothers hair!!),and just being a mom, I have to try and stay busy or I will fall from exhaustion!! These are some projects I've been wanting to complete. I finally went through my stash of fabrics and made some pretty cool stuff. I'm pretty proud of the quilt, It's not perfect, but compared to the first blanket, its pretty good! Baby P.J.'s
P#1 and P#3's new P.J. bottoms

My camera case, not great, but keeps my screen from getting scratched.

Fun day

I found this place on our way back from Walla Walla, I think it was called The Marcus Whitman National Monument, anyways, all we saw were trails I asked the kids if they wanted to go walk for a little while and this is what was there!We hiked and walked quite aways.It was so cool and alot of fun. It it where Marcus Whitman settled and later was killed.

You can see the monument way up top

P#2 was"exhausted"

At the top

Original tombstone of Marcus Whitman, and a few other men.

Where the Cayuse Indians lived

We went to Walla Walla for P#2's dr apt., so i figured we might as well walk around the town since we drove that far, and I am so in love with this place!!!! My heart yearns to live there, and the homes are AMAZING!! So vintage. Lots of friendly people, cool shops, parks, and LOTS and LOTS of wine.

Some super cool vintage postcards I found, all only at 30 cents!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


We have alot of fun during the day, I so enjoy watch P#2 and P#3 playing and being silly.I LOVE taking their pictures. Hopefully now that school is out I can get some of P#1!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

garden progress

Some stray carrots that accidentally got pulled as weeds.They were so cute.

Carrots growing where there supposed to.

Row of Romain lettuce

In comparison. They have gotten huge, I think this one might be ready to eat!!!

corn, its alot bigger than it looks pumpkins

so beautiful

especially in a vase

P#1's "homemade weapon" cause "mom makes homemade stuff all the time"after P#2 asked "what the heck is that crap"( I know, she didn't know that was technically a bad word)

He is just so cute.

And a true boy, look at all the boo-boos

She loves taking pictures

And this poor thing, he followed P#1 home from the bus stop, never left our yard, so now I have him in Titans kennel, posted a missing dog on craigslist and will call the humane society tomorrow, hopefully we can find his home. He really is a pretty dog.


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