Tuesday, April 27, 2010

i heart faces~ Smiles

Do you know how hard it was to chose 1 picture?
Go here to see ALOT more smiles to make you smile!


Our weekend and week so far have been pretty uneventful. We went garage saleing on Saturday, and I picked up the most terrible, HUGE polyester MooMoo dress, but the print is fantastic. My husband gave me this look like " I hope your going to NEVER wear that" I just smiled and said," I will make this cute!" So stayed tuned for a refashion. I'm also working on a tutorial for the bag I posted here. My posts will be sparse until next week, and I'll share then what I've been doing!!! It's ridiculous and exciting.

Everyday here we've been outside working on something. We FINALLY removed all the big peices of bark that were out in the back yard. I must say that whoever put that in must not have thought too thoroughly about using big chunks of bark as landscaping in the desert, it was home to some BIG nasty spiders{including black widows.} and other things that crawl, BLEGH!



Green Beans

It still amazes me that things can grow and suvive in sand. Have you been working on a garden? What are you growing?

Friday, April 23, 2010

I can do it!

There has been some crafting going on here. But not the kind Im used to doing. My wonderfully talented friend who can do just about anything taught me to knit! Yup, Ive been knitting and purling until my fingers hurt. I'm just about done, I need to now sew on the dress, I'm so anxious to see what it turns out like. Who knows, this may be my new favorite hobby, maybe.

Friday, April 16, 2010

For the love of garden

Here whats going on in the gardening department of our lives.

Apples Blooming

Day Lilies

Raspberries {So excited for these} They didn't produce that well last year

Still don't know what these are

My potted herbs that will go in the ground once they're big enough

Sweet Basil sprouts


Other things growing that I didn't get pictures of because the irigation was on them:
Red and WallaWalla sweet onions
Sugar Snap Peas
Green Beans
5 Different types of lettuce and cabage

Things to be planted that we're waiting for the weather:
Red and Green peppers

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Backyard memories

We are starting to get use to where we live. It's crazy I never thought I could live without green and trees. I don't miss the constant rain anymore, and I actually really like the dessert rain.
 One thing I do miss is living in the woods. We used to have bonfires all the time. Get togethers where we all sat around a fire in our backyard, talking while the kids played hide-n-seek in the dark, until they were so tired they fell victim to the fires trance and fell asleep in our arms.
I got the hubs a firepit for our anniversary. I thought it would be a great idea. But we've only used it 2 times. I guess its just not the same. Especially for him.  Good memories he has of his friendships, and a friendship that only lives in memories.

The kids love it though. We decided (well P#2 decided) That smores sounded really good, so they begged their dad to start a fire. It was nice. And for a moment, it felt like we were back home.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flower Poms and a travel companion

So my sister and I were trying to rack our brains and come up with something cheap and cute to decorate the ceremony site. Right now she has nothing. Tulle is pretty much out , were going for pretty, not 80's, and though I've seen some beautiful decorations done in tulle, its kinda ify, will it look fabulous or something from Bayside High's prom? Too risky since we will be responsible for set up,and no one else to blame if all goes wrong:)
 After some time on the world wide web, I found this cute idea using sheppard hooks,with pomander balls hanging. Well flowers are expensive, and you know whats not? Tissue paper. And It looks wonderfuly wonderful.
P#2 and I decided to try it to see how easy it really was (before comitting to the wedding), and P#2 made them all! She had SO much fun, she kept asking if we could go get more tissue paper and make more. And she now has super cute decorations for her room.

On a different note. Here is the purse I made myself. It's more of a carry-all for when we travel. Something I can throw a bunch of stuff in for my 1 personal carry on item. I think it's fabulous and will be cute on the beach,
oh I can see it now....

{don't mind the wrinkles, I tried and tried to iron those puppies out}

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend in review

This Saturday we celebrated a very special birthday.

My childhood friend gave birth to her beautiful little boy exactly 4 weeks after I had P#3.
He was healthy and happy.
But after a couple of months of him not gaining weight his mom knew there was something wrong. She kept going to doctors and they all had different ideas.  One day she called, crying, saying there was something wrong with his heart, and they had to leave to go to a better hospital. My heart broke for her and his dad, and for him, such a tiny little baby, so helpless.
They lived in the hospital for months, with the diagnosis of cardiomyopathy. His heart was failing and he wouldn't make it without a transplant.  We talked often and she was always so optimistic, although, if I know her, she sounded frightened.

One day in December of '08, right before Christmas, when he was 8 months old, she called me to say that they had a donor, and he would receive his new heart within a few short hours. We both cried tears of joy. I'm not sure exactly how she must have felt at that moment , overjoyed, terrified, grateful. But She said it best.... that it is the best Christmas gift they could have got.

Such a long journey for him and his family, and a long road ahead too. My friend is an amazing mother, I know she will always prevail.

So I'm over the top about being able to celebrate his Birthday, he made it, he's here, he's beautiful, and he's 2!!!!!

* There is SO much more to his story then I wrote, I just gave you guys the super shortened ME version of it, Im positive that my friend would have writen one a bazillion times better than me. I hope you dont mind*


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