Thursday, February 16, 2012


Is it too late to post these? I honestly dont care because I love how they turned out!! For 3 years now my daughter and I have done her Valentines together, and of course I always include her photo in them! This was fun! We even kept the outfit on to get more shots, which of course she had a blast doing. Being in front of the camera is her thing!

And with my oldest, I always find something that he and I can do together, this year it was scratch off tickets. All those cool tutorials you see on Pinterest? Ya, it so not as easy as they make them seem. It took about 3 hours total, coat after coat of paint, and drying with a hairdryer in between. They did turn out cool though and he really enjoyed them. I used THIS tutorial from Oh the lovely things. Love this blog by the way!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Happy New Year!!!!!! It's been awhile

Hello to all my long lost blog friends!!!! Boy has it been awhile! I went a long time without a new blog post. Mostly I just didn't have the time, and the demand of being mom was alot higher on the list. But I'm making it one of my MANY goals (not resolution) to blog more and along with many of my other 2012 goals, they go hand in hand. I will share some of my other ones as they come to be more of a reality than a distant cry of hope. I'm hoping that I can sit and type up a post after the kids are off to bed. It seems like lately after they are sleeping and my horrible need to have *me* time, I find myself on Pinterest, pinning....pinning....pinning. It's not new to me, but it never gets old, always something fun to look at and be inspired by. I'm hoping to do a fun weekly Pinterest Party Post, I pick one thing on my ever growing diy or crafty board, and post it and we can have a link party and you post what you've made!! I don't know if this is a new concept or not, but it sounds fun. (I've sorta dropped off all things blog related!)

Well that's it for now... Be sure to follow me Pinterest, the link to mine is on the top linky bar thingy. And I will leave you all with some photo's of things I made last year, (just as recent as 3 weeks ago!!!!) all from ideas on Pinterest!! So many more, but no reason to bore you:)

 Layered Rainbow Cake via One Charming Party! Love her site!!!

Photo idea via Joop Joop.

 Utensil holders via Sew Many Ways.

 Costume ideas!!! So many that made these looks come together... all handmade minus Captain America!!!!

 Ruffled Streamers via Made.

I will be back soon with a list of things that have happened in the past few months (well almost year since the last time I posted!!!!) Stay tuned friends!!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some Goodness

My cousin has had a love of baking for awhile, and she is always creating the coolest cakes for her children's birthdays and she recently has been asked to do a few for friends, and with EVERYONE always telling her she should do this for a living, she has decided to start her own business! I am so proud of her, she is super talented and truly has a passion for this.
She does it all, but specializes in Cakes, from simple to extravagant, Cake Pops, (and will even ship!), and Cupcakes. She also does gluten free!!

Here is some of her amazing work, and be sure to head over to A Sprinkle of Goodness and follow her and check more of her great bakes!
Also check out her Facebook page!

See how amazing she is!? I'm really hoping to bring more followers her way, so go and like her and follow the Goodness!!!
All images via:

Friday, April 1, 2011

Kids in the Kitchen

I absolutely love cooking with my kids, and it seems like none of the recipes I have are easy enough for them to understand. That is why I love childrens cookbooks! There are many bennefits for your kids if they're able to help in the kitchen; math, reading, bonding, responsibility. I love it and I know they do too

 Childrens cookbooks are so cute too!

Some not so much, but equally great!

The kids can even check them out at the school library!

Love how they have pictures for the recipes, helps the kiddos understand better. Sometimes it's difficult for them to understand what "fold in butter" means

 In most of them, the glossary is very helpful

Some are just too fun!

Some have great themes

and others are just pretty to look at, while still having excelent recipes for kids

But no matter what they look like, most important thing is that they're fun!!!
So get  out your cookbooks and enjoy an April shower inside, by the oven with your kids! Spring Break is  next week, so I know we will be doing alot of this!

Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm in love...

With this idea! I can't help looking at it and getting anxious, I REALLY want to do this in my bedroom. I started last week re-purposing a few items in my bedroom to fit the theme, but then decided I didn't want any one color, that I want a whole bunch, and I just want this beautiful tree to live in my room. I think it would be VERY time consuming, but do able. I've read that it's crepe paper twisted and pulled? Does that make sense? If anyone would have a better idea then let me know.

I just found this blog, Ruthi Auda. It's completely stunning and I love her blog almost as much as I love her tree! She is a designer for Anthropologie, how cool would that job be? I'm jealous!

Doesn't that make your heart skip a beat?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

And they say you can't play with your food...

Today while at the Dr.'s office, I was fumbling through one of the child magazines and came across this idea, I thought it was so cool and knew the kids would love it too. I can't remember what magazine it was to give the proper credit.
It's so simple too. I love it! I want to start a series for fun, easy, kids meals that they can prepare. All I had to do was boil the water and cut the hotdog!
 "Squid Dogs"
Just cut up a few hotdogs
Let the kids spear them with thin spaghetti noodles
Drop them in boiling water, and cook until noodles are tender!

It was pretty good!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Super Birthday Part 3

I'm really excited about this! Here are all the details for a Superhero themed birthday party. Complete with downloads, templates and links to other inspiring ideas! I hope you all enjoy! I know we did!
All PDF Links are broken! Sorry for any inconvenience, I am working on getting this fixed. Please feel free to e-mail me and I will gladly send them your way!

     Cupcake toppers
     Download PDF

     Pop Rocks Cover
     Download PDF
   Cape template
   Download PDF

  Batman Mask Template
   Download PDF

Superhero mask template can be found HERE on Ambrosia Girl.

Zap!, Pow!, and Bif! signs can be found here on Ambrosia Girl as well.

Our Table Settings can be found here.

The Batman crayons & stickers for the goody bags were in the Target 1$ area.
Coloring Pages
Download PDF

I found a coloring book there also that had the bookmarks on the back and I went to my local printing store, had them printed, cut and laminated for about 10$.But I did the work for you here, just right click on the photo.

Click on each picture to zoom in and right-click and "save picture as"

Pennant Template:

For our "radio-active" punch:
I used Crystal Light Lemonade and added green glow sticks. I also had glow stick straws for the drinks, i found them at Wal-Mart in the party favor section.

And if your not into doing things yourself you can visit these shops on Etsy:
~Party printable: Digital DLite
~Party printable: Wants and Wishes Designs
~Party printable: Party on Boutiques
~Capes: Pip and Beans

Links to more Ideas:
~This one is AMAZING!

~A good round-up on Tip Junkie
Thanks for stoping by!


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