Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Garden

These are the Glads that P#2 Picked for me. Our ears of corn

All the corn stalks, they are as tall as the hubs

A baby pumpkin

The pumpkin plant. This is getting huge!! If you look at the post from July 6th it has nearly tripled in size.I will keep it updated as this thing takes over our yard!!!

Walla Walla sweets


Monday, July 20, 2009

P#1's 8th Birthday

He had a great Birthday. I baked him his favorites, Raspberry Tart for breakfast, and cookies and brownies.We had a Football themed party for him, fitting cause he starts playing in 2 weeks! He had a great time with lots of good food, friends and of course the gifts were cool as well!
Raspberry tart Snickerdoodle cookies

Opening his IPod

The Giants Blanket

The girls in their teams. 49ers, Buckaneers, and of course The Seahawks!!

The boys playing the Wii cause it was sooo hot outside

His NY Giants cake

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

to give and get

Lindsey's Birthday Apron, 2 months late!! I know,I know! So Cute, I loved the Cake theme. And its reversible
Matching pot holder, Love the crystal in the center!
 My sister called at midnight her time and told P#1 to open his present from her and this is what he got... I think his face says enough.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer time and a most beautiful sunset

The toys our children litter on the back patio ring summer, its far to cold here in the winter and even through most of spring for these wonders of youth, so when they are out you know it is summertime.

This picnic table Cory's boss made for the kids years ago, its weathered but it is so darn cute!

And a freakish storm moved in tonight, the high temps were 97 degrees all day, then the wind picked up, thunder rolled, and it even rained!!!( you can see it on the lense)It is still in the 80's, but it produced this marvelous sunset.It almost looks as if the sky was on fire

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th and a garden update

Our 4th was alot of fun, we went to our friends house. They live on the Columbia River, we went boating, played tennis, volleyball, croquet, swam in the pool and watched fireworks.

Our garden is doing great,with lots of veggies starting to grow!
Green beans

the bed

Pumpkin and cucumbers

P#3 playing in the corn


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