Thursday, April 30, 2009

P#3 playing Wii sports, plus another apron

P#3 LOVES watching P#1 play the Wii, so I decided to let him try for himself and it was quite amusing! He could actually somewhat do it!Now it will be hard to tell him no!

I just finished another apron, the pattern looked pretty difficult so i used some cheep fabric i had laying around in case i messed up. It was super easy and the fabric turned out great, its very shabby. It looks even better on.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

just another day

My day started early as always, P#3 actually slept in only cause we had another sleepless night. I talked to my aunt this morning via Facebook, it was nice to chat with her for the few minutes while i drank my coffee. I've been watching my friends baby, who is 5 month's old and has the sweetest personality. She is so good too, she actually makes it pretty easy. I got to finish my sisters birthday present while P#3 napped. And today was early release for P#1 so he helped alot too. Anyways, just wanted to share my day.

P#3's early morning play time

The apron i finally finished for Courtney's Birthday

The hubs cooked us spaghetti for dinner tonight, and also showed us his sweeter side in P#2's apron! and she didn't like it!!!!!

Dinner time

P#3 really enjoyed it( sorry about the bad picture quality)

Monday, April 27, 2009

sick baby

P#3 has been feeling a little under the weather, not sure if he's sick or if its just teething, he has a low grade fever and a runny nose, but nothing a good ol' Popsicle wont fix for my blue eyed babe!

i also finished another aproon for cory's aunt. she wanted a wine theme, but i thought this print was cute.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


This morning i received a package from my Grandma, she sent me a gold wedding band that was my great-great grandmothers.She wrote a very lovely note and also included a family tree from her side of the family. It was very interesting considering I have never known.The ring belonged to her great grandmother born 1890. Here is part of the note.........

"Wear this ring with all the love that embodies what it represents

Sent to you with all my undying love and support"

I made this skirt and matching ruffle butt nickers for my neice. The skirt turned out cute, but the nickers were another creation of mine, i made some wrong measurements and had to end up adding the side pieces and the top casing, which I'm not to sure about. Anyways hope Miss likes her new strawberry skirt!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

crafts and gardens

Yesterday P#2 and I did a little crafting. I got lucky that P#3 took a 3 hr. nap, so i sewed her another apron(like she needs anymore!). It didn't turn out quite like i had hoped. I didn't use a pattern so i just went with it, and i guess my ideas were going faster than i could think so i ended up having to add an extra strap, the one that crosses in the back, i think it turned out way to crazy looking. Oh well, she loves it. P#2 then decides she wants to bead cause she hasn't done it in forever. We ended up 2 beautiful pieces.

We also got tons of yard work done. Our weeds were way out of control. We finished planting our garden. Thanks to Lowe's and the hubs boss we have tons of fresh fruit and veggies to look forward to! The kids cant wait to harvest them!! I just hope that they will survive in sand?

These are beads that my MIL got for P#2,they are made by women in third world countries,very cool The necklace I made for myself
The necklace P#2 made for herself

The full ruffle apron for P#2

back view, ugh

and her loving it!!!

P#2 and I digging to plant bell peppers P#1 with his artichoke


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little Ol' Me

I am a stay at mom of 3. Wife to a high energy guy who reminds me of the kids. Sister and Friend. My family means everything to me:)
Bio on the Sweet P's:
P#1 is almost 10. Funny, handsome, athletic, smart,  loves animals, has read more books than me, and at times very emotional.
P#2 is 7. Silly, beautiful, crafty, hilarious, likes to talk about farting, hates to clean her room,and alot of the time very dramatic.
P#3 is 3. Goofy, super adorable, intense, and will wear you out by the end of the day. He loves to give hugs and kisses( I love it too). And is obsessed with superhero's and milk.

Random Facts about me:
- I love a challenge.
- I love coffee and chocolate.
- I don't have a favorite color, it changes everyday
- I like to argue, especially if I know I'm right.
- I'm a ridiculous neat freak.  
- I like things in odds rather than even, it's repetitive through everything I do. 
- I like to sing when no one can hear me.
- I turn really silly when I'm tired.
- I enjoy taking care of people and putting a smile on someones face.
- I'm notorious for not completing projects if I get frustrated with it. 
- I know all the words to Romeo and Juliet.
- I love the smell of rain.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

sew cool

Finally, I have completed a list of projects i've been working on for the past week. I love to make aprons and i found some cool patterns, i'm gald they turned out so well.I have alot more i want to do, next I am working on another skirt for P#2, a super cute quilt, and probly some more aprons. Cory's aunt put in an order for one:)Glad i found something i love to do!!

felted cupcake purse i made for P#2

the new flirty skirty apron (LOVE IT!!!)

the "diaper clutches" in apple and dick and jane. I found the free pattern over on Diary Of a Quilter. She is very talented and thorough.

the oh-so-cute ruffle half apron . I dont remember where I found this, but another great online tutorial, I wish I could remember, so I could give credit where it's needed!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter '09

Yesterday The older P's dyed eggs and went to bed early for the easter bunny. This morning we enjoyed coffee and doughnuts.Our friends came over for dinner.We have had so much fun today, I think my pictures tell the story for me.

easter baskets

kids with their presents

a quick nap before dinner

our poor attempt at a family photo

Cory cooking and his yummy twice baked potatoes

easter dinner

some fun black & whites

kids hunting for eggs


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