Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snow day

It snowed today! We had lots of fun playing, rolling, throwing snowballs, and eating it!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Holly Jolly Christmas

We had such a great day, and weekend. The kiddos were up at 4:15, and presents were all opened by 4:45! All the anticipation of that morning and it was gone so fast.But the kids loved all their gifts and had so much fun.

We rocked out on the Wii, played some board games, read books, watched movies, visited with Family and ate some great food. A long but great weekend.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

6 is the number of the day

6 years ago on this day I received the best Christmas gift I could have asked for. Although she arrived 5 days late, it was well worth the wait.She arrived in just 2 short hours from the time I knew she was coming. Soft and beautiful, 8lbs 5oz.

6 years of laughter, joy, and the occasional girly tirades. She is my little girl, my love, and the one who keeps the balance from too much testosterone in the house!

No matter how big you get, even as an unruly teenager, you will always be my princess.I love you.
Happy Birthday Sis.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree

We finally got our tree.Its so purdy! Our expedition in trying to find a cheap tree did not go well, all the ones at Wal-Mart and Lowe's were all half dead and stuck in the shape of being bound for too long, so went to a couple of roadside stands, some looked O.k., but were either too small or too big. I guess that's what you get if your buying your tree so close to Christmas. But then we saw a stand that said the were fresh that day, we pull in, and look at the tree we wanted... 65$
Um, no thanks! So we find another, luckily this guy had a bunch of pretty trees and he knew he couldn't sell all of them,so he gave us a "good deal" Sure still almost 5o freakin dollars for a dead tree!
Oh well, the kids love it and had so much fun helping decorate the house and tree, plus it snowed!! YIPPEE!
P#3 really wanting to help Daddy

Terrible, terrible picture
Some of my Favorite ornaments

And some finished P.J.'s. I bought P#1's cause he wanted me to make him NY Giants pants, I couldn't find that, so he just got store bought :(


And I finally finished P#3's. The shirt looks like Dug from UP, his fave movie

The back

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Royal Affair

My sweet little P#2 turns 6 on Christmas Eve. I have always done her party's 2 weeks before hand so she can feel special, and not that her birthday is always associated with Christmas. This year I wanted to do a Princess theme before she is too old to think that girly pink stuff is silly. It was a great party, and she really did feel special. I am surprised at how many of her friends came. Usually only family and friends come cause its a tough time of year for everyone. But it was fantastic!


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