Monday, July 20, 2009

P#1's 8th Birthday

He had a great Birthday. I baked him his favorites, Raspberry Tart for breakfast, and cookies and brownies.We had a Football themed party for him, fitting cause he starts playing in 2 weeks! He had a great time with lots of good food, friends and of course the gifts were cool as well!
Raspberry tart Snickerdoodle cookies

Opening his IPod

The Giants Blanket

The girls in their teams. 49ers, Buckaneers, and of course The Seahawks!!

The boys playing the Wii cause it was sooo hot outside

His NY Giants cake

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  1. Preston is so cute. I didn't know he was a Giant's fan. Neat blanket and party. You did a good job. Sorry we missed it. Hope he had fun.


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