Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I miss my sisters

Here are my thoughts for today..

1.) As I'm helping my older sister Carmen plan her wedding, we are so caught up in the colors, the what-to-do's, the flowers, all the small details that go into planning such a wonderful day, that I just today started thinking how utterly fantastic it's going to be just to see her, to walk off the airplane and just hug her. Have my kids hug her.
We grew up best friends, we always slept in the same bed, shared clothes, make-up, and even boyfriends.We lived our childhood together, everything she did, I did, and vise-versa.

2.) That it has been 5 years that I've seen her. She has only meet Paige once and she was 4 months old. She has never seen Parker who will be 2 1/2 by the time we get there, and It's been 6 years since Preston has seen her. I'm so excited for them to meet their Aunt, and enjoy her laughter & sunshine as I always have.
We also have a little sister, Courtney. I have seen her in the past year, and even though we live in the same state, its still a 5 hour drive, so we don't visit all that often. It has been 6 years since Carmen has seen her. And then there is Lindsey, who is not our "real" sister, but our cousin, she came in the line up between Courtney and I, we are all exactly a year apart. She has always been a sister to us. She now lives in Hawaii with her husband and my 2 nephews. We were pregnant together with our youngest boys and shared everything via phone calls.The last I saw her was at her baby shower over 2 years ago. I have never meet Kingston as she's never meet Parker. And Carmen hasn't seen her in 6 years so she's never meet either of her boys.
Us 4 have been through almost everything together. Our bond is unbreakable. No matter how many miles separate us all, we are always in each other lives & thoughts.
3.) That if everyone of us can make it to the wedding, what a happy day that will be! Not only will my best friend be marrying a great man, and starting her new life,but that us 4 sisters will all be together sharing that moment. I love each and everyone of you with all my heart.
Carmen and I/March 2005
The 4 of us/ Carmen, Me, Lindsey, & Courtney
The last time we were all together
Me,Lindsey(prego) holding Paige,Carmen,Courtney

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