Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend in Review: Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is usually a fun weekend for us. It's usually spent driving a few hours to see family, or family and friends driving here to see us, or spent doing some fun activity. Not this year. The hubs was horribly sick, and the weather was nasty, real nasty. I felt bad for the people who drive over to this part of the state to go camping because it's usually out of the normal Seattle rain. I spent most of the weekend packing for our vacation and cleaning, which is probably a good thing! I also got to watch some specials on the meaning of Memorial Day, because sometimes we forget. I know alot people just think of it as a 3 day weekend from work, or an excuse to party, but I hope everyone took a minute to remember......

My Grandfather. Spain, circa 1940's

And Thank a troop anytime, not just on a holiday! Go to Pioneer Woman to see some amazing and touching photo's.

And this is what we did when the rain came.....

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. If you have posted anything about your weekend please share your link, I would love to read it!


  1. Nothing more fun than jumpin' in puddles!
    Adorable pictures...the joy on his face!
    Thank you too for taking a moment to remember!

  2. Tina, your an amazing photographer! Love that you posted grandpa, don't you just love that picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was sooo handsome.

  3. love love love your posts my friend! love the pic of him looking up.. so cute! xoxo

  4. Okay, those rain pic are to die for!!! I NEVER get good ran pics. Now I must admit it rarely rains here, so I don't have too many chances, but still! Sooooo great!!!


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