Monday, September 20, 2010


It's Monday, the start of a new week, and the end to a relaxing weekend.
Our weeks have been super busy. We have football 4 nights out of the week and then usually on Friday nights we make it to a High School football game, Saturdays we've been doing fun family stuff, usually ending the night with a college football game and Sundays we've been lazy and watching NFL. Yes, we love us some football in this house! P#1 is the starting QB and outside linebacker for his team. It's so much fun to watch him play! They are currently 3-1!!!

School is going great and I'm enjoying my days with P#3. Although it's a fight almost every morning with him and telling him he's not big enough to go to school.
P#3~ " I go sool mom?"
Mom~ " no honey, your not big enough"
P#3~ " ah, I big boy, I poop toilet"
Mom~ " yes you are a big boy, but not big enough for school"
P#3~ " I GO SOOL RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!" (that's him yelling at me)
Mom~ " maybe later"
P#3   "OK, bye mom"
Then its a hissy fit after the kids leave and he's stuck at home with me:(

Here's some pictures of a few games....

They had an awesome opportunity to play at a High School football game under the lights! It was just for fun to promote the league, but they had a blast!

This is a pretty bad picture, P#3 was playing with my camera and I hadn't realized he moved my setting around so this is what they all turned out like.

P#3 cheering for his big brother

another game... P#1 running in for the TD!

P#3 making a big tackle

And our lazy Sundays. P#2 has been doing great at reading lately. She usually get frustrated and gives up. But we found that if she reads to her brother she's alittle more patient. I think it's because he isn't correcting her:) P#1 LOVES to read. I really wish she shared this with him, but all kids are different.

So that's what we've all been doing. Lots and Lots of football! Hope to share some pics of my first craft project that I've made in forever! Maybe tomorrow if I have time. Happy Monday!


  1. I remember those crazy football days in my own family. We loved it, and sometimes still miss it. Now that we just have girls left, the week is just a little bit different than the football of old. Great way to support the kids!! They need you!


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