Friday, April 1, 2011

Kids in the Kitchen

I absolutely love cooking with my kids, and it seems like none of the recipes I have are easy enough for them to understand. That is why I love childrens cookbooks! There are many bennefits for your kids if they're able to help in the kitchen; math, reading, bonding, responsibility. I love it and I know they do too

 Childrens cookbooks are so cute too!

Some not so much, but equally great!

The kids can even check them out at the school library!

Love how they have pictures for the recipes, helps the kiddos understand better. Sometimes it's difficult for them to understand what "fold in butter" means

 In most of them, the glossary is very helpful

Some are just too fun!

Some have great themes

and others are just pretty to look at, while still having excelent recipes for kids

But no matter what they look like, most important thing is that they're fun!!!
So get  out your cookbooks and enjoy an April shower inside, by the oven with your kids! Spring Break is  next week, so I know we will be doing alot of this!

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  1. Hi! We love your blog! And we love "squid dogs" too fun! We just wanted to let you know that we have some new blog animations on our site, there are some fun ones for easter too! :)



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