Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Something went terribly wrong..

I was put in charge of making the flower girl dresses for my sisters wedding, Her and I both loved the idea of tutu's and a HUGE flower in their hair. Simple and flower-y. That was until I saw this absolutly stunning skirt. What can I's so Beautiful.

So I have a ton of tulle, and was planning on making P#2 a tutu for her Princess Birthday Party.So I thought,(insert my lightbulb here)before I go and buy the chiffon needed to make the wedding skirt, i'll just practice with the tulle.

Is there such thing as sewers block? I think I may have had that today. I sewed two of the tiers on the wrong way, yes 2!!Cut my tulle strips too small, I was just not having a great day with sewing. It looks like a pink big bird costume, I really dont like it.

But I am determined to try again with the chiffon, and hopefully it will fabulous like hers.


  1. Oh goodness, I have days like that! It's so frustrating, especially when you waste good fabric.
    But I think that looks cute, actually! You probably just think it looks terrible because it looks differently than you first imagined :o) And you could always try adding more tulle, on top of the rows you already sewed on, to make it full?
    P.S. And I think that copying Dana's projects will always make us feel like failures. That woman is not human!! :o)

  2. It may not look exactly as you envisioned it but I still think it's darling :)
    Perhaps you could add more ruffles to the skirt now to make it fuller? Layers upon layers of ruffles sound divine. xx


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