Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Inquiring minds..

I have alot of people asking about my sisters upcoming wedding. And even though its more than likely only 6 months away,and all the way across the country,we still don't know much. There are 2 venues she's looking at, The Bayard House and Chesapeake Inn.Both are beautiful. We will hopefully be knowing alot more soon.

In the mean time,I DO know that I can pick my own dress. The wedding is going to be, in Carmen's words "illuminating shabby floral elegance". So here are some yummy dresses I'm drooling over:

This beauty from Jcrew is my fave,but way out of the price range, but I'm stalking the site for it to go on sale. Another scrumptious one.This one is from Modcloth( Their clothes are fabulous!) But sold out
:( I'm stalking this one too, Its cheap as well (BONUS!!)

These next 2 are from Modcloth as well

And these 2 are from Davids Bridal..EGH. I don't REALLY like them,but I can try them on as with the others just order and hope they fit.Another bonus about DB is all the bridesmaids can coordinate, which is easier since there is one in Hawaii, 2 in Washington , and 2 in Delaware.

And lets not forget shoes... I LOVE these.♥LOVE♥LOVE♥LOVE♥

I will try and keep everyone updated as Carmen gets to know more. I'm going to make her start blogging about wedding stuff, so she can share her news!!:) Her blog is Puppy Love.

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