Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What you can do with a 4$ Wal-Mart Blanket

At the beginning of this week I told myself to start making more Christmas gifts. Well, I did a few, and also made some of the cute stuff I've been inspired by on blogs that I read.I did not mean to start with stuff that I was going to give now and not save for gifts, but when you have no life and Wal-Mart is your second home, you find stuff you really didn't need to buy. Although when you pick up a 4$ fleece blanket that's really big, you can't complain.I knew I could do something with it. And something I did, It was actually enough to make a few goodies and still have some left over.

A cute capelet inspired by Disney,(not Walt)And this girl rocks at craftiness and making THEE most adorable stuff for her little P.
I think I love this. And her brother kept calling her Red Riding Hood. Which she liked cause she loves that show Super Why.

From the same blanket, a super hero cape for P#3 (1of the Christmas gifts)I think he will love this since he always wants towels wraped aroud him.
And another cute big flower hat.

Now this has a story, P#2 asked me one day to make her a cup holder. I asked "What do you mean, what kind?" Her response was "You know, a cup holder" Well no, I had no idea what she was talking about, but for weeks she kept bugging me to make her a cup holder. When I asked her to describe what it looked like she would just get frustrated and hmph at me like I was a child.So the other day on my way out of the Starbucks drive through, She yells "MOM, THAT'S IT, THAT'S THE CUP HOLDER!!!!" So here she goes. I actually made 3 cause I thought they were cute:) And why does a 5 yr old need a "cup holder" you ask?I don't know.
This dress was made used a Simplicity pattern, that was not so simple for something that did not need to be that complicated.
And P#1's "Book Bag". I am going to go buy him the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series to put in it, as well as a reading light and some book marks for the pockets

This has been a productive week so far, and since today there is no school, I cant finish some of the presents I wanted to, so back at it again tomorrow, a SAHM can take a day off right?

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  1. Amazing!! I love them all!! She looks like little red riding hood!


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