Monday, August 30, 2010

I heart Faces~ Photojournalism

This weeks challenge on I heart Faces is photojournalism. This one is tricky, I guess you could consider photojournalism as any photo you take really. Don't they all have a story to tell? From the time you let your 6 year old make dinner for the first time because she begged and begged, or your 9 year old losing his teeth, or taking that long anticipated trip and the journey to get there. I could post a bazillion pictures I've taken over the years, and write in detail what was happening at that very moment. I guess that's the beauty of photography, you may not remember exactly what you felt, saw, or even smelt on a given date, but with your photographs you can look back and say, Oh ya, I remember how you loved to ride your bike around the neighborhood, and this was right before you crashed and skinned your knee, I had to drop my camera and run after you. I wrote about this before here. My promise to always document life...

So here's the story behind these photos. P#3 was not feeling well. I tried and tried to get him to be his normal self, but he kept wanting to be held. I had things to do around the house and asked him if he would sit with Titan. After I set him down right next to his dog, he decided it was time to play. I love how you can see the love he has for his dog in the look of his eyes. How you can see that Titan doesn't like a 2 year old all over him, but P#3 had to get that kiss. It's really amazing what photographs can tell you. If you listen you will hear a story behind every image.


  1. I LOVE seeing precious moments between kids and their pets!

  2. Absolutely precious! Oh my goodness, what a sweet moment you captured here. Priceless! That last photo oozes love. TFS!!!

  3. i love it! so cute! hey how did you put your pictures like that?


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