Monday, December 20, 2010

Whats been going on...

I has been forever since I've posted anything, so I thought I'd give you a little peek into what I've been doing that's keeping me so busy.

It's the first day of Winter break, I'm so glad that I can get up in the morning and enjoy my coffee without having to run around making lunches, helping a super picky almost 7 year old pick out thee perfect outfit, helping my 9 year old find his shoes, hat, socks, etc, yelling get out of the shower, 20 minutes is WAY TOO LONG!!  all while having the little guy all over me. I love having them home (except when they're arguing with each other). They are great helpers, and we all love to bake together, do craft projects and play games, there is really not enough time in the day when they get home from school and have homework to do, chores, and reading, then it seems like it's time for bed.
Football has been over for a little while, The hornets made it to the Superbowl but lost. P#1 wasn't very upset, I think the whole team was OK with it. They had a tough division this year and they beat the team who has been undefeated for 3 years to make it to the Superbowl, He said that was better than the Championship. Now on to Basketball and Karate.

We've done ALOT of celebrating....

We took P#1 to the Seahawks-Giants game for his late Birthday Present (4 months late!!) He is a die hard Giants Fan, and my Husband and I love our Seahawks, and P1 said all he wanted for his birthday was to see the giants, and it just so happened that we were playing them this year at home. It was hard to watch the Hawks get their butts whooped but he had so much fun that it didn't even matter. We took him down to the Giants tunnel during half time to see if we could get one of the players to sign his football but they were still in game mode and none even looked up at us. So we went down after the game and he got SOO much more that he was hoping for, as all the players are leaving the field, they're looking up and high fiving,but not one came over to our side, and we thought all the players had left,so he looks up at me and shrugs his shoulders like oh well, then here comes Eli Manning (his favorite player) and he's trying to shout to him, but it's so loud, he stops over on the other side of the tunnel and hands something up to the crowd, and once he gets over to our side he points right at P and hands him his wristband. It was so awesome! I can't even begin to tell you how happy he was. You can go here to view the photo someone took on field, P is the one right in the middle of the photo .

We also went to Disney on Ice~ Lets celebrate for P#2 EARLY birthday present from Grandma. It was alot of fun. The girls got to dress up and dance and sing.They loved it!

Then we had a Birthday Party for P2 last weekend. It was a day-time slumber party, She had SO much fun! I always try and make it super special for her because her actual B-Day is on Christmas Eve, and I feel sometimes she might get a little sad about it, because every one's so worried about Christmas and other things. But It turned out great and a couple of her friends were able to come.


It started snowing after she said it was good luck if it snows on your Birthday! She was excited!!!

I also did a Holiday Bazaar this year, for ACS. I made about 15 aprons and only had 5 when it was over. I was pretty happy that even sold some!!! I was invited to come back again and also do one in February!!

Made a few gifts.....

I am just starting out in this whole knitting thing, but I totally cheated on this hat, I used a knifty knitter and not sure if I'll use it again for something like this....

Did I share the news that my sister is expecting? I am SOO excited and happy for them!!! She just found out that its a girl!!! I made these before she knew but I think they can work. My Brother-In-Law is a HUGE Star Wars person, so I had to make one!!!

Cute little monster set for my sisters sister-in-law who expecting her first boy.

And a set I made P2 for her birthday using Luvinthemommyhood tutorial. It was super easy, I just adjusted it so it would fit a smaller hand, and added ruffles and a matching scarf!

The minky is so soft and warm!!

I've also been working on my sisters wedding quilt, it's coming along, I just need a few more people to give me their squares and I can finish it!

We have been pretty busy, driving alot and visiting alot! Our thanksgiving was wonderful.

I finally was able to meet my cousins kids!!! OMG, so well behaved and beautiful. I miss them already.

Spent some time out in nature..

Decorated the tree..

And we are probably going to be playing in the snow for the rest of Christmas Break...

Happy Holidays Everyone! Hope its filled with love and laughter!!


  1. Ohhhh, LOVE IT! You did such a great job! I didn't have time to adorn them with ruffles, but that is exactly what I had in mind - perfect! You should add it to our flickr group.

  2. Oh WOW what a busy time you've been having! Your photos are gorgeous, I love your sister's wedding quilt! What a beautiful idea!

    I really enjoy reading your blog, usually I'm just a lurker ;) but wanted to let you know that I've given you an award in my post today :)


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