Monday, August 30, 2010

I heart Faces~ Photojournalism

This weeks challenge on I heart Faces is photojournalism. This one is tricky, I guess you could consider photojournalism as any photo you take really. Don't they all have a story to tell? From the time you let your 6 year old make dinner for the first time because she begged and begged, or your 9 year old losing his teeth, or taking that long anticipated trip and the journey to get there. I could post a bazillion pictures I've taken over the years, and write in detail what was happening at that very moment. I guess that's the beauty of photography, you may not remember exactly what you felt, saw, or even smelt on a given date, but with your photographs you can look back and say, Oh ya, I remember how you loved to ride your bike around the neighborhood, and this was right before you crashed and skinned your knee, I had to drop my camera and run after you. I wrote about this before here. My promise to always document life...

So here's the story behind these photos. P#3 was not feeling well. I tried and tried to get him to be his normal self, but he kept wanting to be held. I had things to do around the house and asked him if he would sit with Titan. After I set him down right next to his dog, he decided it was time to play. I love how you can see the love he has for his dog in the look of his eyes. How you can see that Titan doesn't like a 2 year old all over him, but P#3 had to get that kiss. It's really amazing what photographs can tell you. If you listen you will hear a story behind every image.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I Heart Faces ~ Beach Fun

This photo was taken on our recent family Vacation to Longbeach. It was so hard to chose just one from all the beach photos I have. I have one that I absolutely love of Miss at Rehoboth Beach, but she is wearing a bikini and I thought it was inappropriate considering strangers read this. I love this photo of her too, she is just so photogenic!

Go here to see more Beachy photos:

Friday, August 13, 2010

Locks of Love and a new do!

Last week P#3 asked me AGAIN to cut her hair. She's been wanting it cut for awhile, and I always was reluctant to cut it only because I know how much she loves her hair and because her long hair was HER. She kept telling she wanted  to donate it to Locks of Love because " I know that kids in the hospital would be happy if they had hair" I finally gave in and let her do it. I know its for such a great cause and some little girl or boy will be happy to have it. While the lady was cutting off her pony tail I cried a little,  I know how silly that is, but I was also so proud of my little girl for doing it. After it was done, she looked at me and said," I really hope someone will want my hair and the pink strip" (my sister did that for her on vacation) And I have to admit that she looks beautiful, hair long or short.

If any of you are considering cutting your hair visit Locks of Love to see if your hair is eligible for donation.

Monday, August 9, 2010

I heart faces~ Surprise!!

This weeks theme on I Heart Faces is Surprise! Open to interpret however you want. I chose a photo of  P #3, taken when we went to the beach last weekend. He was happily playing in the mud when a wave came up and splashed him. I think I may say "freakin" too much because he YELLED "It's freakin cold!!!"But I think he was generally surprised when we got there, and I don't know how many of you have ever been to the Washington coast, it's not really that warm of a place. We drove 6 hours from the desert to get there, leaving behind well over 100 degree heat, where you can swim in the river and it feels wonderful, to arrive in 55 degrees and the ocean is freezing. But all 3 P's LOVE the water and that couldn't keep them out, it was just a little shocking at first!

Go over here to see more surprised photos


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