Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Happy New Year!!!!!! It's been awhile

Hello to all my long lost blog friends!!!! Boy has it been awhile! I went a long time without a new blog post. Mostly I just didn't have the time, and the demand of being mom was alot higher on the list. But I'm making it one of my MANY goals (not resolution) to blog more and along with many of my other 2012 goals, they go hand in hand. I will share some of my other ones as they come to be more of a reality than a distant cry of hope. I'm hoping that I can sit and type up a post after the kids are off to bed. It seems like lately after they are sleeping and my horrible need to have *me* time, I find myself on Pinterest, pinning....pinning....pinning. It's not new to me, but it never gets old, always something fun to look at and be inspired by. I'm hoping to do a fun weekly Pinterest Party Post, I pick one thing on my ever growing diy or crafty board, and post it and we can have a link party and you post what you've made!! I don't know if this is a new concept or not, but it sounds fun. (I've sorta dropped off all things blog related!)

Well that's it for now... Be sure to follow me Pinterest, the link to mine is on the top linky bar thingy. And I will leave you all with some photo's of things I made last year, (just as recent as 3 weeks ago!!!!) all from ideas on Pinterest!! So many more, but no reason to bore you:)

 Layered Rainbow Cake via One Charming Party! Love her site!!!

Photo idea via Joop Joop.

 Utensil holders via Sew Many Ways.

 Costume ideas!!! So many that made these looks come together... all handmade minus Captain America!!!!

 Ruffled Streamers via Made.

I will be back soon with a list of things that have happened in the past few months (well almost year since the last time I posted!!!!) Stay tuned friends!!!!


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