Sunday, May 3, 2009

April showers brought May flowers

Our yard is starting to look so good! I'm excited that everything is turning green, especially after a way too long winter and everything being ugly and brown! Our plants have sprouted up so quickly too, I found the first flower today, and looking forward to my lilies, glads and roses. The tree just started to get leaves

I have no clue what these are?

Lily bushes, they are huge already

First flowers

Raspberry,blueberry and strawberry plants
Romain lettuce, starting to sprout

Red onions, what a surprise. They weren't this big a few days ago

Everyone worked so hard doing yard work, all while P#3 worked hard on just being cute!

I found this chair at a thrift store and thought it had alot of potential. I was so right!!It was only 3 dollars, and the fabric and upholstery nails were 5 dollars, a "new" chair for under 10 $.I worked on this morning, it took me total of 3 hours to sand, paint, and re-upholster.



I also started my new diet today, I'm going to try the Special K, I can have whatever I want for dinner so the hubs cooked me Halibut, baked baby reds and broccoli, it was delicious!!

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  1. Tina, you are one amazing girl! That chair is so cute!! You have such a good eye and taste! The pics of Cory and kids working in the yard remind me of the good old days at our old house in Grapeview.


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