Tuesday, May 19, 2009

fun shots

So I was thinking..... watching the kids play,
wondering, laughing at how funny they are, will I remember these simple times?
Kids making funny faces, the perfect freckles the sun kissed on his face, the dirt on dainty little toes?
I'm not so sure.
So i told myself no matter how weird or annoying my pictures become, to always document these great times. I've realized that now P#1 is almost 8 and P#2 to be 6 this year, they are not baby's forever, and they wont be young forever.
I remember so many people saying they grow fast, so cherish these years........I will.


  1. i love prestons freckles!!!!and paiges dirty legs!!!

  2. Those 3 ps are adorable no matter what, wet, dirty, anything. Prestons' freckles are going to be lady killers....he will always get the girl...


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