Saturday, May 30, 2009

P#3's Play time

We had so much fun with my girlfriend and her son yesterday. We went to the park and got coffee from her favorite coffee spot.P#3 and P#2 both had fun playing around with C. It was so great to finally see him playing and being a true 1 yr. old after his long journey through his medical condition, Sarah, thank you for sharing your beautiful, strong, and very happy guy with us. We missed him and are so glad that his is doing so well. Keep up your good work, you are VERY strong, and so glad that we had a great day!!!! Can't wait till next time!


  1. Caden looks so healthy and adorable...much luck to him, he's going to need in the days and years ahead

  2. what beautiful boys. i wish kingston could be there to play with them :(


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