Wednesday, June 10, 2009

garden progress

Some stray carrots that accidentally got pulled as weeds.They were so cute.

Carrots growing where there supposed to.

Row of Romain lettuce

In comparison. They have gotten huge, I think this one might be ready to eat!!!

corn, its alot bigger than it looks pumpkins

so beautiful

especially in a vase

P#1's "homemade weapon" cause "mom makes homemade stuff all the time"after P#2 asked "what the heck is that crap"( I know, she didn't know that was technically a bad word)

He is just so cute.

And a true boy, look at all the boo-boos

She loves taking pictures

And this poor thing, he followed P#1 home from the bus stop, never left our yard, so now I have him in Titans kennel, posted a missing dog on craigslist and will call the humane society tomorrow, hopefully we can find his home. He really is a pretty dog.

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  1. Beautiful pictures of the kids. They are very photogenic.

    Wonderful veges! Look good!

    Cute dog. Wish we could have him. Tyler would just love it.


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