Monday, June 8, 2009

My neice's 1st birthday

Her Birthday Party was on Saturday. It was really nice, not too many people came, but we had fun anyways .Our friends 2 kids Party's were on Sunday and that one was too much for me, I didn't realize how crazy 15 kids from age 1 to 13 can be! My father in law finally made it state side on Friday night, all the grandkids were super excited to see him, as was the hubs.We had a good weekend visiting.

Birthday Girl

P#3 trying to give his cousin loves.

P#2's party dress



Quick note: P#3 never ate his cake so it was so fun to watch one being dug into, and the cake was NOT supposed to look like that, the decorator totally messed it up.

P#1 and the other birthday boy eating Cheetos

These are some of our wonderful, beautiful gifts that my fil brought back from Japan, They are too cool not to share. I LOVE them!!!!

And this is what we saw on our way home, we were almost home and I spotted this, The hubs thinks I'm crazy cause I told him we had a tornado awhile ago, and he finally saw one!! Well its really not a tornado, its called a dust devil, whatever it is its pretty neat.



  1. We missed you at our party. The boys leave on Thursday and won't be back till August 25th.

    Just so you know, the blue writing on brown is really hard to read.

    Cute pictures of the kids.

  2. paige looks so pretty in her dress.


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