Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun day

I found this place on our way back from Walla Walla, I think it was called The Marcus Whitman National Monument, anyways, all we saw were trails I asked the kids if they wanted to go walk for a little while and this is what was there!We hiked and walked quite aways.It was so cool and alot of fun. It it where Marcus Whitman settled and later was killed.

You can see the monument way up top

P#2 was"exhausted"

At the top

Original tombstone of Marcus Whitman, and a few other men.

Where the Cayuse Indians lived

We went to Walla Walla for P#2's dr apt., so i figured we might as well walk around the town since we drove that far, and I am so in love with this place!!!! My heart yearns to live there, and the homes are AMAZING!! So vintage. Lots of friendly people, cool shops, parks, and LOTS and LOTS of wine.

Some super cool vintage postcards I found, all only at 30 cents!!


  1. that looked like so much fun the kids look so cute!

  2. Lovely blog thanks for taking the time to share this.


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