Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend in Review: Mother's Day festivities

This weekend we went to the Walla Walla Balloon Stampede. WOW!!!  It was an all day event and the best part? It was all free!! There was so much to do, not to mention that if you couldn't find enough stuff to do until night(which was the best part!!) you could always go and walk around Walla Walla.  I heart this town, I feel like a broken record, but this place is so cool!!! If there are Washingtonians who read this and have never been, please do! It really is a fun little town! By the time we made it home we were SO tired, it was a LONG day. But so worth it! We will definitely be going next year.

On this list of things we did on Saturday include:

 walking and looking around at booths of homemade goodies

                                                                                               Going to a car show

Going on fair rides

Climbing inside a Jungle Gym

Watching horse racing

Hoping the pink horse would win!

Enjoying a concert

Marveling at how many people were there

Watching balloons being blown up

Then lit in the dark

And to end the night right, FIREWORKS!!!!!

 Did you guys do anything fun and exciting? Or did you get to relax and enjoy your day?


  1. What a wonderful place! and a great way to spend a day. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos. xo

  2. Aww this looks like such a fun day! And the images you captured are beautiful!

    Nice work -- have a great week :)

    k xx


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