Thursday, May 6, 2010

Where I've been: Delaware: Part 1 {Bridal Shower}

This past weekend I did something that is SO not me. I drove 300 miles to Seatac airport, left my kids in the care of my Mother-in-Law, and flew 3000 miles to surprise my sister. I was forced to get over my fear  flying, and my fear of leaving P#3 for the first time. My flight was OK, although I missed my connecting flight in Chicago. The kids were great for Grandma, and I had SO much fun!! I felt like a big girl doing this all by myself! :) As many of you probably know, my sister is getting married next month, and I've been helping her plan and do stuff over the phone and through the Internet. Her wonderful future M-I-L and Sister-in-Law had a plan to get me out there to surprise her and be there to help hands on with last minute wedding stuff.
Today is about the trip and bridal shower.

 Luckily on the planes I was seated next to some pretty cool people, who didn't mind me breathing heavily in and out trying to calm my nerves. It's not as scary as i had anticipated, but still pretty frightening, so that you xanax for helping me!:)

Carmen's M-I-L made these, aren't they cute?

She also had the centerpiece made. And the frame is of a journal entry from their beach house they go to yearly, everyone writes in the journal about their trip, and Carmen's was about Brian proposing, so unique and creative to think of framing it!

The food was fantastic!!

The apron I made her for the games, She's such a Domestic Diva!!!

The newlywed game. This one was my fave, she's terrified of owls, so if you read his answer, it's hilarious!!

She got tons of cool gifts

Just us! Just like when we were little.

Stay tuned for more east Coast fun!!!!

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  1. lovely, Lovely, LOVELY pictures :)

    I love the aeroplane shot..

    K xx -


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