Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Delaware Part 3: A DIY Wedding

I keep thinking that My sister and I should be wedding planners. We have done so much work for her wedding, and she has spent alot of hours and labor into making a ton of stuff. Mostly I help with the ideas and also alot of computer related stuff like making labels for her favors and signs for the reception sight. There really is so much that goes into planning a wedding. The really funny thing is, I'm really enjoying it! So once its over we wont be able to talk about ideas or stay on the phone till 1 a.m. discussing music and colors. I bet if I went back and looked at my phone bill over the last few months there would be an insane amount of long distant calls to Wilmington. So with that said... That's why we need to be wedding planners.

While I was over visiting, it was so awesome to be there hands on and help with some of the stuff we've been planning. She kept seeing all the "barn wood signs" on the DIY wedding websites, and wanted to make one, so on one afternoon while we were driving around, we went to antique stores to try and find old wood but came up empty handed. We did find some cool posts that were from an deck or something, and that's what we used as the pole. We happened to come across and old abandoned house that had piles of wood thrown out from it. We stopped, and my sister being the paranoid, some-what goody goody, kept saying I know, maybe we should go. She ended up spotting THEE perfect piece of wood. White, sturdy and distressed. We threw it in the back of the car and drove away like the rebels we are:)

It was fun cause we all got involved:
 My Brother-in-Law helping too!

 Painting the signs{Carmen did this cause my penmanship is TERRIBLE}

Had to do another of him because I love me a hard working man!;)

All done!!!! It turned out fabulous!

And remember this post about tissue paper poms? We ended up making 12 of them!
So easy and fun!

I will be back tomorrow to share some things I've been making!


  1. Love those flower poms! and the signage turned out great! All this DIY wedding makes me want to get married again and DIMyself :)

    Perhaps you two should start thinking about starting a wedding consult. business???? xox

  2. wow. really cool !! it's really fun when you are doing something you envoted..


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