Friday, July 16, 2010

9 years

Seems like this was yesterday... 

I honestly cannot believe how fast time is going.
 9? 9! Today my oldest is turning 9!!!

Buddy, you've grown right before my eyes! I love you more and more everyday, I didn't know until you how much one can love another person. . Thank you for making our lives better, and funnier!!!!


                                                                                    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

A.K.A.  MOM   xoxo


  1. Happy Birthday to your very handsome boy! And Kudos to you for raising such a thoughtful, talented and happy young man :) xox

  2. Happy birthday to your son!

    Mine turned 9 on Sunday. =D Time flies by way to fast.

  3. CONGRATS MOMMY! And I love how your tears of joy are so clear in that photo!

    And to answer your question about the photos, and where I took them, they were shot on Keene Road. We parked in the park on the north side and walked along the walk way that goes along the road.


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