Monday, July 19, 2010

Over my Head ~ I heart faces photo challenge

When I saw that I heart faces challenge this week was "Over my head" and it could be anything that is literally over your head. I mean the possibilities are endless, but I just knew exactly what photo I wanted to use. Not very original because lots of little kids put buckets on their heads, but it's her expression accompanied by the bucket that makes me crack up every time I look at it!  And I know that she was walking all by herself, leaving behind her cousins, not paying attention to ANYONE. She was in her own little world, not trying to grab anyone's attention with her silliness, and it's that that makes it so funny to me!!:) I love my niece to pieces!!!

You can go here to see some pretty cool interpretations of this challenge:


  1. Oh I love it!! What is it with me and kids sticking their tongues out.. one of my all time faves of one of my nieces is right after she learned how to stick it out! Awesome!

  2. VERY cute! Love her expression and the messy hair. (I think my middle kiddo is about the same age)


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