Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vacation Part 3: Morning of the wedding

The morning of the wedding was fantastic! Us girls woke up, layed around and talked, went down to the kitchen to get breakfast, which they served to us out on the deck over looking the water, went back to our room and showered, sat outside talking some more, taking in the beautiful views and waiting till noon, which was when we needed to start getting ready. Once noon hit it seamed like the time just flew by. Hair, make-up, champagne, photographer, people in and out. It was hectic, but some of the funnest times I'll remember having. My sister was absolutely stunning, and I don't think it could have been more perfect(other than we were missing a couple people who we wish were there).

Here's how the day unfolded through photographs:
(some are not mine but thought I'd post them cause I missed a few things:)


P#2 getting her blown dry

My sisters paraphernalia

Sara (bridesmaid)

Me (Maid of Honor)

Leslie (Bridesmaid)

Kristen (bridesmaid)

P#2 (flower girl)

Pre- Wedding Toast

Bride and our Aunt Elena

The bridal suite


Sara putting make-up on P#2

Carmen getting ready

Giving our love to "Flat Lindsey" Our cousin who couldn't make it
(Image via Elena)

(Image via Sara)

People came to wish her luck:)

Getting ready to put the dress on

(Image via Elena)

She was SOOOO gorgeous!!!
(Image via Elena)

 And that's not even half of the pictures I have! I didn't take any pictures of the ceremony or reception, but I'll grab a few from others so I can share!

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