Thursday, March 24, 2011

And they say you can't play with your food...

Today while at the Dr.'s office, I was fumbling through one of the child magazines and came across this idea, I thought it was so cool and knew the kids would love it too. I can't remember what magazine it was to give the proper credit.
It's so simple too. I love it! I want to start a series for fun, easy, kids meals that they can prepare. All I had to do was boil the water and cut the hotdog!
 "Squid Dogs"
Just cut up a few hotdogs
Let the kids spear them with thin spaghetti noodles
Drop them in boiling water, and cook until noodles are tender!

It was pretty good!


  1. Now that is a rather innovative approach. I could totally see how the kids would love it

  2. That is AWESOME! I am definately trying this with my son! Thanks so much! Oh ...where did u get the sectioned plate??? Thanks..:)

  3. Lillaty~ Thanks, you will have to let me know what he thinks! And I'm not 100% sure on the plates, they were mine as a child and I stole them from my mom, but I think they're Tupperware!

  4. It was Family Fun... we made those, too, and my kids loved em!

  5. What an AWESOME idea :) i love it! Super cute :)

    K xx

  6. I have seen this idea many times on Pinterest but never done it. I found your blog by way of googling Super Hero parties and LOVE It! I saw this post as well and it inspired me to finally make these. We decided to call them Hot Dog Rocket Ships because my son is really into rocket ships and outer space. They were a huge hit!!! Thanks so much for the inspiration!


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