Thursday, April 23, 2009


This morning i received a package from my Grandma, she sent me a gold wedding band that was my great-great grandmothers.She wrote a very lovely note and also included a family tree from her side of the family. It was very interesting considering I have never known.The ring belonged to her great grandmother born 1890. Here is part of the note.........

"Wear this ring with all the love that embodies what it represents

Sent to you with all my undying love and support"

I made this skirt and matching ruffle butt nickers for my neice. The skirt turned out cute, but the nickers were another creation of mine, i made some wrong measurements and had to end up adding the side pieces and the top casing, which I'm not to sure about. Anyways hope Miss likes her new strawberry skirt!

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  1. Well, your Grandma Sara was most pleased with your kind and thoughtful mention on your blog.And, I meant every word of it. Am trying t stay out of te hospital...not totally succ essfully with 4 admissions since the 10th of Feb., but , I am trying. Need prayers !Sending you, Corey and the 3 sweet peas tons of hugs and kisses


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