Saturday, April 18, 2009

crafts and gardens

Yesterday P#2 and I did a little crafting. I got lucky that P#3 took a 3 hr. nap, so i sewed her another apron(like she needs anymore!). It didn't turn out quite like i had hoped. I didn't use a pattern so i just went with it, and i guess my ideas were going faster than i could think so i ended up having to add an extra strap, the one that crosses in the back, i think it turned out way to crazy looking. Oh well, she loves it. P#2 then decides she wants to bead cause she hasn't done it in forever. We ended up 2 beautiful pieces.

We also got tons of yard work done. Our weeds were way out of control. We finished planting our garden. Thanks to Lowe's and the hubs boss we have tons of fresh fruit and veggies to look forward to! The kids cant wait to harvest them!! I just hope that they will survive in sand?

These are beads that my MIL got for P#2,they are made by women in third world countries,very cool The necklace I made for myself
The necklace P#2 made for herself

The full ruffle apron for P#2

back view, ugh

and her loving it!!!

P#2 and I digging to plant bell peppers P#1 with his artichoke


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  1. I like Paige's apron, and for her it will probably stay on/up better. Also glad you are using the cool beads from the church order, if they come around again, I will get more from Fran as I think they are great quality. I love the pictures of you all digging in the dirt (especially Cory) Take care and love you all. This blog is way cool...I like how it keeps everyone updated.


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