Tuesday, April 14, 2009

sew cool

Finally, I have completed a list of projects i've been working on for the past week. I love to make aprons and i found some cool patterns, i'm gald they turned out so well.I have alot more i want to do, next I am working on another skirt for P#2, a super cute quilt, and probly some more aprons. Cory's aunt put in an order for one:)Glad i found something i love to do!!

felted cupcake purse i made for P#2

the new flirty skirty apron (LOVE IT!!!)

the "diaper clutches" in apple and dick and jane. I found the free pattern over on Diary Of a Quilter. She is very talented and thorough.

the oh-so-cute ruffle half apron . I dont remember where I found this, but another great online tutorial, I wish I could remember, so I could give credit where it's needed!


  1. I LOVE the cupcake purse, apple diaper clutch, and ruffle apron.. so cute!

  2. Very nice Tina! We have so much hidden talent in our family!!! How much are your aprons? You should think about selling on ESTY, broader audience!


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