Wednesday, April 29, 2009

just another day

My day started early as always, P#3 actually slept in only cause we had another sleepless night. I talked to my aunt this morning via Facebook, it was nice to chat with her for the few minutes while i drank my coffee. I've been watching my friends baby, who is 5 month's old and has the sweetest personality. She is so good too, she actually makes it pretty easy. I got to finish my sisters birthday present while P#3 napped. And today was early release for P#1 so he helped alot too. Anyways, just wanted to share my day.

P#3's early morning play time

The apron i finally finished for Courtney's Birthday

The hubs cooked us spaghetti for dinner tonight, and also showed us his sweeter side in P#2's apron! and she didn't like it!!!!!

Dinner time

P#3 really enjoyed it( sorry about the bad picture quality)


  1. It was good talking to you this morning, even though it was short. I like Alena's name, so close to mine!
    Cute aprons, and Cory models it so well.:)

    I can't believe how much older Preston looks. Where does time go????

  2. that is such a typical "Paige Pout" picture!


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