Friday, September 11, 2009

About me..

Ramdom Questions, Copy and Paste in a new post, leave a comment so I can read yours!
It's pretty fun!
Making :A set of 3 picture frames of my sweet P's
Cooking : Baking?: Cookies
Drinking : Coffee
Reading: Twilight for the 5th time!! (just can't get enough)
Wanting: To finish a bunch of projects that are half done!
Looking: at my carpet that desperatley needs a shampoo.
Playing:  Ray Lamontagne on Pandora
Wasting: Sunlight, by being inside on a beautiful day.
Sewing: a quilt for neice for Christmas(starting early so everyone can get something this year!)
Wishing: my family lived closer, and there was more time during the day.
Enjoying: My family.
Waiting: For P#2's school to start.
Liking: That fall is almost here. Crisp air, Harvest, Apple Cider, Halloween, Football, Cute Clothes, Whats there not to like?
Wondering: What it's like to have 8 hrs of sleep.
Loving: That P#3 is sleeping in his own bed (for half the night anyways)
Hoping: That P#1 wins his football game tomorrow
Marvelling: at my beautiful kids
Needing: New tennis shoes after my dog tore my new sketchers apart.
Smelling: My coffee still brewing
Wearing: An awefull pair of P.J's
Following: So you think you can dance
Noticing: That I really need to get organized
Knowing: That they will not stay little forever
Thinking: Of what to do after getting P#2 off to school
Bookmarking: Wedding sites for my sisters wedding
Opening:A bottle of wine for dinner tonight
Giggling: At my youngest yelling NO,NO,NO! at the T.V.
Feeling: Lovely

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  1. Loved your answers! Thanks for joining in - it was fun! It's my 2nd quilt that I am working on, and man am I still learning...haha.
    Thanks for being part of the mommyhood :)


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