Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life in the desert...

So this week marks 2 years since we've been living here. Kinda crazy for me to think about. So much has happened since then. We have made big changes in ourselves for the better. It is so hard to move somewhere new and start over. We have made new friends, the kids love their school and their friends.

I just miss home.... I'm gonna start my whining about how much the desert sucks..blah,blah,blah. No, just kidding(kinda). Mostly I miss my family and friends. Wish I could see them everyday, and have the kids around their Grandparents and Aunties, and for all us friends to raise our kids together. But we can't always have what we want. And sometimes i really do like it here. I like being us as a family and having a simple life to ourselves. But that can only hold you for so long.

Well that's my thought for today, I've been thinking about this alot lately.Maybe it's just been too long since we went home for a visit.

And about our house, I am thinking this 980 sq. ft. thing isn't going to hold us and our belongings much longer without bursting at its seams. Time for me to start looking for bigger houses.The only thing holding me back is that I DO love this little place. The neighborhood is great, The school is great, and trying to find another house in this area to where you won't be transferred out to another school is almost impossible.(there are 4 Elementarys within 10 miles of my house)I love P#2's purple room, our garden.But I REALLY want P#3 out of MY room, and more space for all this stuff I keep bringing home! Oh what to do?

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