Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh they ARE funny...

Today has been quite amusing. I was doing laundry and noticed P#3 was being awefully quiet, so I went to look for him and there he was, completley undressed himself, in my bathroom sink, shaving cream EVERYWHERE, looking at himself ,pointing, " DAI-EE,DAI-EE" (thats what he calls his Daddy.) It's a darn good thing I always remove the razors from the shavers, or else he would have had little peices of toilet paper all over his face!! And don't ask how he got the shaving cream out, cause I still need to figure that one out!! BUSTED!!

And here is bits of mine and P#2's conversation on the way to the bus stop:
P: "Why is school like the most important thing?"
Me: "Cause it makes you smart so you can go to college and get a good job."
P: " But I don't need to be smart and have a good job cause I'm gonna be a mom"
Me: " You don't think mom's need to be smart?"
P : " Well.... just to pick out names. I'm gonna have 2 kids and name them Conrad and Sally"
Me: " Do you think Conrad and Sally need to be smart?"
P: " No, I already picked there names for them!"
She is sooo random and hilarious!!


  1. That's my girl...always thinking!!!! I don't know how to post to this site anymore so it came out anonymous...Denice

  2. Also, love the black dot you gave Parker...he is so like his daddy. Denice


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