Sunday, September 27, 2009

Autumn in the air

This is why I love the Fall season. So much fun stuff to do.We went to the Hot Air Balloon Festival. We didn't know that they launch the balloons at 6 am, and they only stay in the air for a short time.We got there at 8:30 and missed the whole thing. They ended having a Fall Festival in the streets, which made it worth the drive. Then after there we went to the Apple Festival. This orchard was so pretty, although we were pretty tired we still walked around the farm and are planning on taking the hubs parents next weekend when they come for a visit.We will pick our own apples,let the kids ride the ponies and maybe press our own cider. So looking forward to that!
P#3 playing in the playhouse on the farm.

I LOVED the antique windows hanging from the arbor the was covered in Wisteria(?)

My 3 sweet P's enjoying every minute

The goats were cute too.

Down at the Fall Festival. I loved looking through all the booths of home crafted goods!
And I absolutely love little sleepy towns like this. Where the people are SO nice,and everything looks so vintage.

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