Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flower Poms and a travel companion

So my sister and I were trying to rack our brains and come up with something cheap and cute to decorate the ceremony site. Right now she has nothing. Tulle is pretty much out , were going for pretty, not 80's, and though I've seen some beautiful decorations done in tulle, its kinda ify, will it look fabulous or something from Bayside High's prom? Too risky since we will be responsible for set up,and no one else to blame if all goes wrong:)
 After some time on the world wide web, I found this cute idea using sheppard hooks,with pomander balls hanging. Well flowers are expensive, and you know whats not? Tissue paper. And It looks wonderfuly wonderful.
P#2 and I decided to try it to see how easy it really was (before comitting to the wedding), and P#2 made them all! She had SO much fun, she kept asking if we could go get more tissue paper and make more. And she now has super cute decorations for her room.

On a different note. Here is the purse I made myself. It's more of a carry-all for when we travel. Something I can throw a bunch of stuff in for my 1 personal carry on item. I think it's fabulous and will be cute on the beach,
oh I can see it now....

{don't mind the wrinkles, I tried and tried to iron those puppies out}


  1. Christina, that bag is fabulous! Just the right size and shape to carry anything and everything you need for a day :)
    And those ginormous flowers are gorgeous! What a great idea, classy yet not costly :) xox

  2. cute wedding decor!!! and I love your purse you adorable!!!

  3. i LOVE the bag!! Where did you get the idea?

  4. Oh Tissue paper flowers take me way back! Wow!
    They are so much fun to make! Take a pencil and curl the edges smoshing the ends together a little, *flat not scalloped* and make roses! ha!...and the bag, heck with the wrinkles, they go with the burlap! Its perfect. Love it!

  5. I love tissue papers. Your bag is so pretty, I love the fabric choice!

  6. I LOVE your bag!! I want one! Did you use a pattern?

  7. What a great summer bag! Do you have a tutorial?


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