Friday, October 9, 2009

what i've been up to....

Is it just me or are there flowers and ruffles on EVERYTHING? Not that I mind, I love them both, and what girl doesn't like to look pretty and feminine in ruffles or a flower?So I thought I would get my hands in the craze. I found this site that had a perfect little hat.Go check hers out! It was so easy and quick, I want more in a whole bunch of colors.I used an old knitted zip hoodie to make this one, and I didn't add the slouchy look to it like she did.But i still LOVE it!!

Another cute apron! I'm getting along on these Christmas gifts!! This is for my niece, I think we need more girls in the family(P#2 & ny neice might start to think I'm crazy!!)

And in our Christmas eve tradition in opening our gifts of P.j.'s and wearing them to bed and having cute, new, comfy jammies to wake up and open presents in, I'm making all them this year!Which means that the hubs better show up on the gift, no cherry anything this year,please.(I have about 4 pairs that he's gotten me over the years)So here's P#3's, for the shirt I was thinking a white t-shirt with DOG appliqued on it, or maybe just a small dog house, what do you think?
You have a boney butt!!( sorry, I had to. I ALWAYS heard that when I was little, and that what I think when I see this :)


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