Monday, October 5, 2009

A room fit for a princess

This weekend Paige's Grandma and Grandpa brought over her new antique dresser. I am SO in love with it you have no idea. She'll be lucky if it stays in her room:)
She also had her whole room done in none other than Hannah Montana(she came with silk and sequins and threw up in there). So we thought now that she has this new beautiful dresser, we should bring back in all her shabby stuff she had before(I'm glad she agreed!)

Her bed I found at an antique store a couple years ago, only cost 40$!! I made this coat rack out of her old dresser drawer,I just added an extra knob. Plus a little spray paint, scrapbook paper and Mod Podge.(free)

And here is the dresser, isn't she lovely? I found the mirror at Goodwill (as-is) for 4$.

Another view. I will be replacing the doggie knobs for pink crystal ones.

Her messy play area, she couldn't pick which pictures to put in there so they all went!!

And her little shelf that Grandma Niece brought over. Cute,right? The color is perfect, it has a friend too but I haven't found it a home yet.

Up close. I just shabbied up the edges and it is SO perfect.

I'm still not done, I will be scouring the thrift stores for a silver tray, a long pink doilie to go on the dresser,and some cute pictures.I am going to make her a valance for her window. And I am going to buy her a pretty round rug, found one at Target that is perfect, MAYBE a pretty chandelier( I just like the idea!!) and a set of silver hair brushes and mirror for her Birthday.Then I will be satisfied!

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  1. It is all coming together so great! I am so glad I lucked into the perfect dresser for her room. I love the shabby chic look for her much better. Also love how you shabbied the edges of the little shelf, perfect! Love, Grandma Niece


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